Business Development

EGI’s strategic sales, marketing, and business development advisory services provide unmatched experience identifying emergent strategies and path-breaking avenues to growth. EGI can accelerate growth by energizing sales and executing customer-centric brand and marketing programs.

EGI creates value propositions that drive B2B and B2C sales and customer acquisition. A successful sales and proper marketing approach can help translate into a growth or relaunch strategy. We can help expand your revenue footprint with new markets, new products, acquisitions and business intelligence.

Data. Analytics. Insight. Action.

Oftentimes the answers are hiding in the numbers. Marketplace, company, customer and product-specific data mining, analysis, and visualization are a long-standing hallmark of EGI. We peer into an entity’s metrics to assess and evaluate behavior and discern patterns to solve business problems and create levers of growth.

EGI offers total sales and marketing support, critical insights and inspiration from conceptualization to implementation, including:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Sales organization effectiveness
  • Sales strategy
  • Brand market share
  • Targeted promotions
  • Predictive analytics
  • Pricing analysis and game plan
  • Channel strategy
  • Customer segmentation and ROI analysis
  • Innovated new products
  • Conversion rates
  • Relaunch
  • Interim management

Operations, Due Diligence & Business Optimization

EGI’s Advisors have assisted some of the largest and most forward-thinking companies achieve operational optimization, breakthrough business transformation, technological innovation and turnarounds.

EGI can assist in the design, improvement, and integration of your support systems and processes. We cultivate metric-driven operating strategies that combine people, systems, and technology to provide comprehensive solutions creating value and reducing costs. This provides a sustainable competitive advantage and launch pad for growth.

EGI is adept at examining company operations and systems in a focused way that not only provides an immediate impact but also leads to an environment of continuous improvement. In terms of manufacturing, EGI’s technology-focused engineers apply their knowledge gained from years of global experience to turn principles and concepts into practice and actions.

In particular, our Lean practice focuses on digital manufacturing, process excellence, balancing flow, increasing productivity, decreasing waste, improving layout, minimizing inventory, and systematic QC while eliminating non-value-added activity and expenditure of resources. Importantly, we are capable of coupling Lean with Six Sigma to improve process outputs by identifying and eliminating causal factors. Utilizing statistical methods, EGI can dramatically reduce variability in manufacturing and business processes.

EGI is able to offer strategic insights as broad as an Operating Model analysis and overhaul, or tactical advice focused on measuring and improving KPI performance throughout the organization.

Supply Chain Management

EGI achieves an optimal supply chain for manufacturing, transportation, and distribution companies by invoking a comprehensive enterprise-wide sourcing and procurement approach to illuminate opportunities.

A revolution is underway in Supply Chain Management. Evolving and developing forces are constantly in play such as technology disruptions, pandemics, currency volatility, global energy dynamics and other geo-political factors. EGI can streamline and synchronize complex global supply chains.

Recognizing the power of logistics and the need for agility, emphasis is not only placed on minimizing operating, transportation, distribution, and inventory costs, but EGI analyzes every touchpoint. We probe often-overlooked considerations such as lost sales, demand and production forecasting, scenario modeling, inbound/outbound logistics, vendor management, transportation mode, and productivity considerations.

We start with employee input, interdisciplinary considerations, supplier assessments, data analytics and accounts payable to create a diagnostic – but this is just the first step. Then comes the relentless pursuit of improvement, optimization and savings with our staff who have multiple language skills.

More than ever, consideration must be given to proximity to demand and proximity to innovation, not just supply. The correct balance between local, global and reshoring is more elusive than ever. Our premise is that successful supply chains need not be devilishly complex. Just resilient.

Wind Downs & Liquidations

At times, the only remaining solution to a problematic situation might be a wind down of the existing business or liquidation of the entity or partial liquidation of assets to maximize results. EGI has the resources, contacts and affiliations to maximize your recovery.

EGI’s focus is on revitalizing businesses, no matter how dire the situation may appear. Successful turnarounds take exceptional managers performing extraordinary tasks as quickly as possible, but sometimes it will be too late to meaningfully change the direction of a troubled investment. When this is the case, EGI can assist investors in an orderly but swift wind down or liquidation of their company that will deliver the optimal possible return of investment.

EGI’s wind down and liquidation experience goes far beyond collecting receivables, selling inventory, disposition of fixed assets and monetizing other assets. We are a go-to resource in complex wind down and receivership events. We would typically be involved in situations characterized by:

  • Complex operating issues
  • Business unit divestiture
  • Forensic investigation
  • Environmental issues
  • Litigation
  • Liability mitigation
  • Management or workforce walkout
  • Lease negotiation
  • Fraud
  • Any form of significant entanglement jeopardizing asset recovery
  • Intellectual capital

Information Management & Technology Services

As data and information management is increasingly the primary competitive factor, insight-driven businesses become over-achievers.

EGI leverages Clients’ data ecosystem and digital technology to provide the agility to compete effectively and profitably. We focus on process mining and synthesizing metadata to identify and monetize opportunities.

We concentrate on information technology, business process design, systems design and integration, information flow, and internal controls. EGI has systems management specialists and enterprise architects to integrate business goals and strategy.

EGI designs systems applications to produce analyses that not only yield critical control points but also guide business decisions and spawn new ideas. EGI can equip you with a total IT solution or a review and reality-check of existing systems. Our Advisors can guide and support you in projects as technically complex as selecting and launching an ERP system or SAAS platform or as nuanced as implementing systems that support day-to-day operations in all functional areas.

The EGI systems evaluation and design methodology culminates in the identification and measurement of actionable EBITDA drivers while minimizing and streamlining peripheral systems. EGI can assess an IT organization and its company-wide systems, oftentimes as part of a due diligence process, as well as assure that a suitable software platform and supporting digital technology are in place.

Financial Advisory & Due Diligence

Financial currents can be daunting to navigate. Sometimes a second opinion is merited, a measured upgrading of the finance function is advantageous or a more sophisticated solution to a financial situation must be envisioned. 

EGI has the talent, technology and tools to accelerate the trajectory of your business. We provide financial expertise and profound insights including:

  • Complex financial models
  • Cost accounting
  • Valuation
  • Capital structure
  • Integrated reporting systems
  • Operational audits
  • Financial analysis
  • Forensic accounting

During good times as well as economic downturns, EGI is a respected back-to-the-basics financial resource. We focus on matters that directly affect EBITDA performance. It’s in our DNA to concentrate on:

  • Business driving metrics
  • Internal controls
  • Working capital management
  • Pricing models
  • Cash flow liberation
  • Financial reporting and ROI analysis
  • Cost transformation
  • Banking relationships
  • Zero-based budgets
  • Covenant compliance
  • Examining fixed versus variable costs
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Financial systems
  • Rightsizing

We often serve as interim CFO, and in doing so, can identify and provide vital business intelligence and visual analytics to help solve complex problems or effect a turnaround. Our financial Advisors have broad operating experience and can move deep into the P&L and beyond in pursuit of EBITDA.

Family Business and Founders/Owners

Oftentimes, in a family business, family and business concerns are intertwined so an independent perspective and set of fresh eyes can help address any overarching issues.

EGI helps level the playing field of ideas, advising family enterprises confronted with unique challenges in the areas of valuation, management, ownership and succession as well as risks from competition. With our years of Fortune 500 corporate experience, we can assist with empowering the next generation, strategic direction in a global market, maintaining family control, recapitalization, divestiture and liquidity. EGI can help resolve persistent and sometimes constraining financial matters such as working capital management, cash flow management, banking relationships, and covenant compliance. We can also facilitate a family liquidity event by presenting the company to a number of strategics as well as equity funds and then assisting with the transition of the company into the portfolio while protecting owner interests.

Board Appointments and Corporate Governance

Because EGI brings a comprehensive business perspective to our Clients that comes from managing many enterprises and serving on numerous Boards, we can prime companies for growth while managing shifting global, economic and regulatory influences.

EGI is very effective at working constructively and maintaining organic dialogue with the management teams of companies where we serve on the Board and can often achieve results not attainable to less involved Board representatives.

Some typical situations where an EGI Advisor might be considered for a Board:

  • Participating as a co-investor
  • Providing a singular focus or fresh look as a value-add to the investment
  • Working with existing management in a turnaround situation
  • Taking on a Board seat in a troubled investment where considerable involvement is required, allowing the private equity firm to focus on the rest of the portfolio during this high intensity effort
  • Serving as a Board “observer” to represent investors in optimizing their investment returns
  • Guiding a company through an exit or acquisition to ensure a successful transition of ownership

Our Advisors have a long history of Board-level experience from numerous private companies:

  • Academy Group
  • Action Bracelet
  • A&E, Sears/Whirlpool Business Unit
  • American College of Paris
  • Americity Federal Corporation
  • Amnion
  • Family Business Institute of Eastern Tennessee, Inc.
  • Formfit Rogers, Inc.
  • Fulton Bellows, LLC
  • HiTech Electronic Displays, Inc.
  • Home Fashions of Canada
  • Ithaca Industries Inc.
  • Lee Brass
  • Magnum Venus Products
  • Monarch Windows and Doors
  • Nature-Pak, LLC
  • On-Call International LLC
  • Polymer Solutions International, Inc.
  • Private Label Cosmetics, Inc.
  • QualServ Corporation (Advisors)
  • Shanghai ABC Structural Steel Co. Ltd.
  • Teen Driver Safety Council
  • The Athletic House, Inc.
  • U.S. Cotton, LLC
  • WRS Infrastructure & Environmental, Inc.

Turnaround Management & Restructuring

In a crucible moment, EGI is your best choice for a focused sense of urgency whether a complex turnaround, a successful relaunch, or a divestiture is in the cards.

EGI has repeatedly mobilized instantaneously into problematic situations. We are known for our speed in assessing an operation and our ability while under pressure to apply EGI’s broad resource set to simultaneously address multiple challenges in a distressed setting. We uniquely focus on the total enterprise and our experienced Advisors from every functional area enable us to provide a comprehensive approach.

Our financial and operating managers do not arbitrarily slash-and-burn but target prudent cost reductions while providing guidance through the survival zone and concurrently achieving change and innovation. EGI will immediately focus on critical issues such as cash flow, preservation of equity, restructuring and servicing debt, sales and revenue defensive measures, cost-cutting and every line item of the balance sheet and P&L. When the turnaround victory is secured, we leave an entity poised for long-term profitable success.

A turnaround environment can paradoxically be a time that opens minds to the possibility of creative change and our experts have the ideal qualifications to restructure, stabilize, transform and, if applicable, divest the business. EGI can apply its business development skills to relaunch the company, establish a new growth trajectory, and realize a rebound in enterprise valuation.

EGI is adept at:

  • Instilling confidence in all stakeholders
  • Corporate restructuring plans
  • Restoring effective communications
  • Creditor and stakeholder negotiation
  • Addressing systems issues
  • Formulating a Key Employee Retention Plan
  • Establishing a viable capital structure
  • Interim Management – all functional areas
  • Managing customer relationships
  • Bankruptcy reorganizations
  • Vendor relationship management
  • Working closely with management, attorneys and other professionals

Professional Advisory, Strategy, & Assessment

There may be a time when your company needs to address fault lines, rethink its business model, is faced with an unprecedented strategic opportunity, or a fundamental change is imminent. Taking a strategic approach can turn the wheel of innovation.

Having a trusted Advisor who is wired for collaboration and has a fresh set of eyes to offer independent and forthright counsel can be pivotal in galvanizing your management team. EGI can provide an objective 360 perspective of how your company is performing in the marketplace and offer prescriptive advice to achieve genuine transcendence and transform underperforming business units.

Our interdisciplinary Advisors can assess the total enterprise or improve the performance of any functional area. We can perform business audits in specific areas or from top-to-bottom to include a strategic assessment of financial and operational risks and opportunities.

EGI excels in financial management during pivotal times or transitional situations. We focus on the frontline stress points including cash management and forecasting, working capital management, banking relationships and covenant agreements.

EGI is a resource for C-level Advisors with wisdom gleaned from real-world experience as leaders in demanding global companies and fast-paced entrepreneurial businesses. Our Advisors have a history of serving on Boards or stepping into interim management roles on behalf of companies and PEGs and carrying the ball on M&A engagements.

M&A and Capital Raising

EGI’s M&A Division is actively engaged on the sell-side primarily representing founders and owners without sponsors and on the buy-side providing support for PEGs looking for bolt-ons and new platforms.

EGI’s Clients operate and grow their businesses while EGI directs and manages the M&A process. Our marketplace knowledge gained from decades of successful transactions delivers in-depth analysis and planning, aggressive execution and focused advocacy to ensure that Client M&A and capital raising goals are accomplished. With EGI as a partner, your M&A experience need not be an odyssey.

Our expertise in M&A and capital transactions emanates from having been involved in a large number of engagements on both the buy-side and sell-side with lower middle and middle market companies in a plethora of different industries. EGI can also raise equity and debt capital utilizing existing relationships with a large number of network investors.

For sell-side assignments, EGI will work to monetize the wealth you have harvested while providing you with:

  • Marketplace valuation and deal structure expectations
  • Assistance in negotiations
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Creation of data rooms
  • Pre-transaction game plan to improve valuation
  • An auction platform to create a higher valuation
  • Management of the transaction to closing
  • Preparation of documents including Teaser and CIM, assistance with LOI and Purchase Agreement
  • A global prospects list including strategic and private equity investors
  • Support to legal and tax advisors
  • Coordination and communication to all prospects
  • Organization of all bidder visits
  • Post-closing assistance to achieve earn-out, bonus or contingent compensation

For buy-side assignments, EGI provides an impartial view of a proposed acquisition and any potential synergies to help negotiate a fair price and assure that all perceived acquisition benefits are realized. Our research teams combine cutting-edge technology and APIs for a custom, targeted approach that is individualized to each unique search.

  • Business case development to identify opportunities
  • Assistance with due diligence
  • Marketplace prospecting
  • Data room management
  • Candidate evaluation, analysis and recommendations
  • Negotiation
  • Management assessment
  • Integration planning
  • Valuation
  • Restructuring and synergy strategies

Select buy-side and sell-side engagements include:

Interim Management

Experience is the best partner when circumstances call for interim C-level operating executives who can deliver frontline leadership, business-building or transformational ideas and effective collaborative decisions and actions.

Sometimes a change in management is required but unnecessarily delayed due to the lack of a suitable replacement. Or there is a void after an acquisition, a vacuum created by an unforeseen departure, or stability is required for a company going through an unexpected transition in management or turnaround situation. EGI’s seasoned and tested CEOs, COOs, CFOs and CMOs can parachute in with fiduciary responsibility and bring proven leadership or a particular expertise to transformational and transitional situations. Our interim managers have operating experience at the highest levels in every functional area and can fill any skilled position.

We deliver the necessary skills to execute in a crisis or transition or simply keep a business running smoothly during an exit event. And although interim, our work is realistic and actionable, producing enduring results. Once our scope of work is complete, EGI will also assist in the search for permanent replacements and effect a smooth transition.

Many Clients have turned to EGI in exacting circumstances such as:

  • Transitioning an acquisition into the PEG portfolio 
  • Acquisitions, divestitures or mergers
  • Banking relationships
  • Operations optimization
  • Turnarounds and Restructuring
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Supply Chain improvement and savings
  • Rapidly building a financial management team
  • International business development
  • Ownership transitions
  • Information Systems
  • Avoiding bankruptcy or navigating through and emerging from it