Consider for a moment,

Everest Group International


… a unique organization with a

dual focus on M&A alongside advisory and interim management

Everest Group International (EGI) is composed of two collaborative business units: one focusing on both sell-side and buy-side M&A and the other on C-level Advisory and interim management. We are piloted by strategically-minded and globally experienced  C-level operating and financial managers drawn from every functional area.

With our deep, hands-on operating knowledge and expertise, EGI brings a unique perspective to M&A transactions. In representing founders and owners on the sell-side and PEGs on the buy-side with bolt-on and platform acquisitions, EGI offers a multifaceted viewpoint rooted in personal experience owning, growing, optimizing, buying, merging, selling and turning around companies. We are also skilled at raising debt and equity capital to facilitate transactions.

When serving as Advisors, interim managers, and engines of innovation, EGI has a chronicled history of maximizing shareholder ROI in growth, transitional or transformational situations. In operating roles, EGI’s Advisors and interim managers deliver durable, quantifiable, and value-building results to lower and middle market companies. We power EBITDA and organizational performance by optimizing operations and accelerating profitable revenues.

We think like entrepreneurs and have the agility to adapt to our Clients’ financial circumstances. Our approach is comprehensive yet targeted because our fees are often results-based to assure a common financial symmetry with Clients. EGI also welcomes co-investment opportunities.


Everest Group International… Focused on creating value through operational, financial and M&A engagements in lower and middle market companies