About EGI

EGI’s multifunctional, career-diverse team offers a unique combination of financial, transaction, transformation and operational expertise.

Everest Group International… Meaningful partners, meaningful progress, meaningful results.

EGI has been serving lower and middle market Clients with trust and distinction on an M&A deal source or advisory or interim management basis since 1988. With over 30 Advisors strategically located throughout the U.S. and Europe, EGI excels in addressing growth, opportunistic and problematic situations, including restructuring.


Our M&A division is actively engaged on the sell-side primarily representing founders and owners and buy-side providing support for PEGs with bolt-ons and new platforms. We also raise debt and equity capital to facilitate transactions.


We are comprised of M&A specialists, accomplished CEOs, CROs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs and other C-level professionals from a spectrum of industries, with experience in Fortune 500, international, private equity and entrepreneurial businesses.


EGI brings a global mindset based on in-country experience, delivering breakthrough results to owners, companies, PEGs, Boards and lenders as well as clients of law or accounting firms. EGI’s wide-ranging service offering provides bench strength to both entrepreneurial companies as well as some of the world’s most distinguished Clients, investors, lenders and their portfolio companies.

EGI’s Universe of Clients