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Davey Jordan

Davey is an M&A Specialist and C-level manager, entrepreneur, and strategist who provides interim management, advisory services and technology solutions, focusing on enhancing organizational operations through advanced business intelligence. His M&A experience includes particular emphasis on connecting buyers and sellers including utilizing automation to enhance data extraction and parse scattered data sources into actionable insights streamlining buy and sell-side processes. In operating roles, he transitions companies from data indifferent to data driven by instituting systems, dashboards, KPIs, and processes that define decision-making procedures and create accountability. Davey obtains results by automating, integrating, and reengineering operational processes through embracing the latest technological advances. While still in college and working at a wireless retailer, Davey recognized a market opportunity and started his first company. He grew this cell phone business to 11 wireless retail stores while opening and supplying 20 sub-dealer locations. He acquired underperforming competitors, rebranded and restructured them, then executed value-driven turnaround plans to achieve growth. (B.S., Business Administration, University of Tennessee Martin, M.B.A, Middle Tennessee State University)